Out of State DUI

Out of State DUI

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If you are an out of state resident and were arrested for DUI while visiting or passing through Virginia, you may be wondering how a Virginia DUI will affect your license in your home state. While each state has its own laws and penalties surrounding DUI, the states essentially handle DUI offenses similar to one another and each state's penalties are fairly close to the penalties in other states.

Currently, many, but not all states use a national information system which allows states to share conviction details with one another. The system in place is called the Interstate Compact, which is a multi-state agreement that is used among participating states. The states that participate in this agreement share information and home states take action against violators.

Defending Out of State DUI Charges

In most cases the arresting state can hold the DUI offender for a hearing and or a trial if the circumstances warrant it. If there are any fees or fines, the DUI offender will generally need to pay them before leaving the arresting state. It is recommended by experts that if you are arrested for DUI in another state, not to ignore the summons to a hearing. Keep in mind that the arresting state doesn't normally care if it's difficult to return to the state for a hearing.

In some cases the arresting state will issue a bench warrant, and this is a tactic for getting the offender identified if they drive through the arresting state again. A person can travel through a state with an outstanding warrant for an unresolved DUI, get stopped, identified, arrested and thrown in jail.

If you live out of state and were arrested for DUI in Virginia, it's important that you speak with a Norfolk DUI attorney from Curcione Law, PLC. Whenever you are facing out of state DUI charges, you could be facing the same consequences in your home state. Since the laws surrounding the DUI process vary from state to state, you will want to be sure that your rights are not only defended, but your driving privileges are protected as well and without any unpleasant surprises.

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At Curcione Law, PLC, attorney Curcione is more than an aggressive DUI defense attorney who is familiar with out of state DUI charges, but he is a former law enforcement officer as well. If your rights were violated during the DUI stop or if you were wrongfully arrested while travelling through Virginia, attorney Curcione will be able to identify any procedural errors that might exonerate you.

Whenever you've been arrested for DUI, and especially when you've been arrested in another state, you need a qualified DUI defense attorney fighting for your rights.

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