Challenging DUI Evidence

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Challenge Your DUI Evidence with Our Help

Were you arrested for DUI? Don't be overwhelmed by this situation; there are ways to challenge the evidence against you. In a DUI case, the main pieces of evidence that will be used against you include officer testimony, your performance on the field sobriety tests, your chemical test results and any witness testimonies. If Curcione Law, PLC can determine that the DUI process was not followed properly, however, and that your rights were violated during the DUI arrest, we can file a motion to suppress some or all of the evidence against you.

Curcione Law will examine the following items to build the strongest defense on your behalf:

  • Were you actually driving the vehicle at the time of your alleged DUI offense?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to pull you over?
  • Did the officer have valid reasons to believe you were driving impaired and request you complete field sobriety tests (for example, slurred speech, odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, etc.)?
  • Were field sobriety tests conducted in a well-lit area free of debris and obstructions? Were you coerced into performing them? Did the officer explain and demonstrate the exercises beforehand?
  • Did a health condition or other factor contribute to your poor performance on a field sobriety test? For example, did you: wear inappropriate footwear? Are you overweight? Do you have balance issues? Were you extremely nervous? Was the behavior of the officer intimidating?
  • Did the officer advise you of your right to refuse to take a breath test?
  • Was the breath test properly administered? Were their physical situations that could have influenced the results, unrelated to alcohol consumption? For example, residual mouth alcohol or a health condition such as gastric reflux or diabetes.
  • Did a breath machine malfunction? Did radio frequency inference from other equipment affect your results? Was the machine unreliable due to lack of maintenance and calibration?
  • Did the officer follow proper legal procedures during the arrest?
  • If you were arrested in a DUI stop, was proper protocol followed by police?

Why hire Curcione Law, PLC?

After you are arrested and charged with DUI, you need to secure aggressive legal representation on your side quickly. When you hire Curcione Law, PLC to represent you, you get to benefit from Attorney Curcione's experience as a former police officer.

He understands Virginia's DUI laws and will be able to quickly identify if police did not follow proper protocol during the arrest. If your rights were violated, he will be to prove this in court. He knows what questions to ask and will help you craft the best defense possible to challenge the weaknesses in the prosecutor's case!

Don't delay in getting started! For the skilled criminal defense you deserve on your side, contact Curcione Law, PLC at (757) 777-9207 today for a consultation!